5 Benefits of Living with a Pet

5 Benefits of Living with a Pet

Victoria is a big small city that is home to a vibrant pet community. If you live an active lifestyle, the city has an endless number of trails, boardwalks, and mountains to hike and explore making it an ideal location to have a furry companion accompany you along the way. Some folks prefer to stay-in and relax in their free time after working a long day. In this case, cats or less active dog breeds make the perfect cuddle buddy to help distract you from the business of everyday life. Regardless of your lifestyle or preference, having a pet adds numerous health benefits to your life.

Decrease Stress

Pets have a calming nature to them. You can come home from a long day, exhausted and stressed out, but when you walk in the door and you see how excited your pet is that you are home, you forget about all that stress. There is something about the amount of trust and unconditional love that comes from a pet that makes you feel relaxed and helps alleviate stress.

Helps People Socialize

If you are an introvert and have trouble socializing with others, having a pet is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. The pet owner community is incredibly friendly – take your dog to a dog park and see how many people stop and talk to you. If you’re not so great at small talk, having your pet around to be the centre of attention takes the pressure off you so you feel more comfortable around others. There are even pet apps like PetVibe for meetups and pet friendly connections. You never know, having a dog might help you meet your soul mate!

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Encourage Exercise

Owning a dog requires you to get outside for them to do their business and to go for walks to keep them healthy and fit which in turn forces you to get outside and exercise as well. It is easy to come up with an excuse to not go to the gym, or to skip that run you had planned and promise yourself that you will do it another day. Having a pet that needs to be taken outside is the ultimate motivation because if you don’t, your pet will be using your home to do its business. Taking your pet outside regularly will become so routine you won’t even realize all the extra exercise you are getting because you are doing it for your pet. Here are ways to make your daily walk even healthier.


Photo by Veronika Homchis on Unsplash

Having a companion who trusts you completely, loves you unconditionally, and is always there to comfort you and listen to your problems can do wonders for your mood and stress levels. These three traits are imbedded into a pet’s DNA and will be there for you for their entire life. Having a fury companion helps eliminate feeling lonely because there is always someone who is happy to see you.

Improves emotional health

Having a companion in your life is great for improving your emotional health. According to Ingrid Collin’s, A pet is better than Prozac. “Animals have a completely different agenda to humans and bring things back to basics. They want comfort, feeding and love. In return, they give huge affection.” The love and affection from your pet helps decrease risks of depression and anxiety.

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