6 Ways To Love Your Home


Sometimes being happy with your home isn’t about making big changes; it’s about learning to appreciate the little things. Paring down, eating healthy, changing the linens — or just the way you look at things — can make your home a happier, healthier, calmer or more energizing place to live in. These guides are loaded with easy, inexpensive ways to take a new look at your house and enjoy it even more.


Letting go of the little things and considering the intangible parts of your home, like the feeling you get when you’re sitting on the balcony on a warm night, can help you love your home more. Learning to appreciate the small joys your home offers can be more effective and longer lasting than the satisfaction that comes with buying a new TV or sofa. At Pacific Landing, you’re not just purchasing a brand new condo, but investing in the natural amenities that makes our property so special. Surrounded old growth with direct access to over 500 acres of walking trails, Pacific Landing is a beautiful place to call home that can only truly be appreciated in person.

Set Your Table at Every Meal

Set the table

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This is one of those small habits that can end up making a huge difference in your daily life. The setup doesn’t need to be fancy, but commit to setting out real glasses, plates and silverware, and cloth napkins, along with something extra, such as a vase of flowers, placemats or a tablecloth — even if you are having takeout. This will help to create more opportunities to connect with everyone at the table and establish an important ritual right in your own home.

Have Something Made Just For You (and Your Home).

Whether you live in your forever home or are renting your first apartment, having something made especially for you really makes your space your own. At Pacific Landing, each home comes with its own unique wooden mantle that was cut and milled on site, adding a little piece of Havenwood into every home. There are so many wonderfully creative options available these days for personalized items:

  • Order a custom calligraphy-style address stamp.
  • Commission a house or pet portrait.
  • Have your house numbers monogrammed onto cocktail napkins.

Try an Easy De-Stresser.


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Leave work at the door when you come into your home. And before you pick up the remote, do something unplugged, such as tending to your houseplants. Create a haven for your senses with a fluffy rug, beautiful music, favorite art and photography books, and a delicious room fragrance. Close your laptop, shut off the TV and allow yourself the simple pleasure of delighting your senses.

Get Social

Shake up your weeknight routine by inviting a friend over to share coffee and dessert, or even start a group around a common interest. If a book club sounds too serious, get creative — how about a wine- and cheese-tasting club, a periodical society to discuss favorite magazines, a film club or a crafts night? Opening up your home to your friends and family will create long lasting memories and make you love the place where it all came together even more.

Fill Your Fridge and Pantry With Real Food


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When our schedules are overfilled, it seems easier to rely on takeout, but having healthy ingredients for meals and snacks on hand is often faster and cheaper than going to pick up food from a restaurant. If you’re truly strapped for time, perhaps try swapping out a few takeout meals with healthy snacks and high-quality ready-made food from the market. There are also new delivery options for healthy meal-kits like Goodfood or Hellofresh that delivery ready to cook meals for the week right to your front door.

Condo Living at Pacific Landing

Pacific Landing is now selling brand-new waterfront condos in Phase 2 of our village community. With open concept living areas, spacious terraces and beautiful finishes, loving your home is easy. Located right on the Esquimalt Lagoon in the middle of a migratory bird sanctuary, you can find something new to appreciate each and every day. Register with us today and book an appointment to walk the land and see for yourself.

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