$108 million development slated for Esquimalt Lagoon

By April Lawrence. 

There is an abundance of wildlife that call the Esquimalt Lagoon home and soon they’re going to have some new neighbours.

Calgary-based developer Randy Royer announced a new $108 million development slated for a five hectare waterfront property in Colwood. The project is called Pacific Landing.

It will include 125 condominiums in a cluster of smaller two to four storey buildings, along with a wellness spa, doctors offices, a grocery store, and a pharmacy.

The developer insists the new community won’t impact the sensitive eco-system and protected bird sanctuary it sits next to.

“We’ve been very cautious and we will be cautious right through the entire project, this area we’re actually going to be enhancing the bird sanctuary aspect of it,” says Royer.

Pacific Landing is the latest in a growing list of new developments in Colwood, including the community’s only hotel which is set to open its doors in November.

It’s part of a massive boom being experienced right across the West Shore.

“We have positive growth rates exceeding up to 30.1 per cent over five years whereas other municipalities in the CRD are actually experiencing negative growth rates or very small ones, we’re talking fractions of a per cent,” says West Shore Chamber of Commerce Project and Relations Manager Joshua Schmidt.

Schmidt says the West Shore is proving most attractive to young families and new residents to Canada.

“Who find it a bit more affordable and you get more in terms of space and housing,” says Schmidt.

But with great growth comes great challenges, with one of the greatest being traffic, including the notorious “Colwood crawl.”

“And that’s only going to increase in time, because we have out of 3000 people moving to the CRD, over 2000 are coming here.”

And with the boom predicted to continue, that means you’ll see more developments like Pacific Landing, which is expected to see its first residents moving in next September.

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