Downsizing – Living Big in Small Spaces

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Downsizing – Living Big in Small Spaces

For most of us, there will come a time where you will need to downsize and move into a smaller space. Whether you are moving closer to town or downsizing out of your empty nest, it can be a challenging experience. It’s human nature to become attached to belongings you have had in your life for some time, especially when you never know when you might need them! Here are some quick tips to make downsizing easier while maximizing functionality and style.

Don’t guess. Calculate.

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Prior to your move, you should know exactly where everything in your new home will live. Measure each room and figure out which pieces will fit and which ones you will need to get rid of. This will also save you from having to move heavy furniture around by yourself after the movers have left and are no longer there to assist. You can also use the Sweet Home 3D app which allows you to draw the floor plan of your new home and arrange furniture on it.

Make a list: Keep, Sell or Donate.

Getting rid of items with sentimental value can be quite challenging. Think to yourself, if your entire home burnt down and everything was lost, which pieces would you replace? Each one of your belongings will fit into one of three categories. What to keep, sell or donate to charity. It makes it easier to get rid of your things when you know they will be going to a good home where it will be enjoyed and appreciated. You can always frame a photo of you and your favourite couch that won’t fit in your new place to remember the great times you had together.

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Think Quality and Multipurpose

Choose quality over quantity when deciding which pieces of furniture you should keep for your new home. Go for furniture that makes a statement instead of trying to squeeze as many items into one space as you can. Multipurpose furniture is essential as storage can be challenging when moving to a smaller space. Go for night stands with open and closed storage and ottomans with tops that lift to offer space inside for blankets and extra pillows. Houzz has stories and advice on decorating every room in your home if you are looking for a little inspiration.

Bar Stools for Dining and Entertaining

Kitchen islands with multipurpose seating areas are great for quiet dining or casual entertaining. Find bar stools that can be tucked into the island when not in use to save space. If you do not want to obstruct your wonderful view from the kitchen look for sleek, low profile stools. If you plan on using them more often you can opt for more comfortable ones with a backrest.

Pacific Landing Phase 2 Kitchen

Find Purpose

Find a purpose for each space. Every little corner should have a purpose or function. With some planning, a shelf can become your home office, or a corner becomes an art studio. Murphy Beds are great for turning a second bedroom into an office or den within seconds. Many of them come with essential added storage space as well. Island Murphy Beds has a fantastic selection of custom designs in Victoria.

Moving into a newly built home at Pacific Landing can make downsizing an easy decision. Our new condos are designed to meet homeowners’ needs with well thought out open floor plans. Our staff can also help you with your downsizing process by reviewing your floor plan and discussing furniture placement and fit. Register with us today for an exclusive opportunity to be a part of our waterfront community.


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