Trumpeter Swan


Trumpeter Swan

The Swan, best known for his role in “The Ugly Duckling”, is arguably the most gorgeous relative of its Anatidae family. Other birds in this family include Geese and Ducks. The Trumpeter Swan is the largest of the Swan family native to North America. It can reach 6 feet in length and grow to weigh  over 25lbs.  The habitat of this incredible waterfowl consists generally of larger shallow ponds / lakes (less than 6 ft deep), where there is plenty of vegetation and enough room for take off. These large birds need approximately 100 yards to take off for flight. They prefer to build their nest on existing structures such as muskrat or beaver dams that are surrounded by water. As they prepare for migration the Trumpeter Swan will move to a more open and deeper body of water. Although Trumpeter Swans normally mate for life, if there is a nesting failure or a mate dies, the Swans may find a new partner.

The Trumpeter Swan is mainly a herbivore, although they will occasionally munch on small fish and fish eggs. Their main diet consists of vegetation, both marine and land based. They will skim vegetation off the surface of the water or stick their long necks under water while tipping their bodies up, much like a duck, when rooting up tubers and other rooted plants. During the winter months they tend to eat more terrestrial plants and berries.

Pacific Landing is proud to title this magnificent and gorgeous bird as this Fridays Feathered Friend.

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