The Peacock or the Peafowl is a type of pheasant. Only the males are called Peacocks, whereas the females are Peahens. It’s scientific name is Pavo and Afropavo. These colourful birds are often referenced with the emotion pride, or the act of showing off ie., “He’s just peacocking”. This comparison comes from the Peacocks large, colourfully decorated tail feathers. These feathers are referred to as it’s “train” and make up 60% of the peacocks total body length. Peacocks use their tails to attract potential mates. Females choose their mates based on the size, colour and quality of these train feathers.

Peafowl are not native to North America. They can be found in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and African rain forests. Peafowl are forest birds, they make their nests on the group yet will roost in trees. Around Esquimalt Lagoon, Peafowl can be found roaming the grounds of Royal Roads University. Eating what they find on the ground, their diet consists of insects, plants and small creatures. Those that have been domesticated will eat various grains, vegetables and meat.

Their bright vibrant colours definitely caught our attention, making the Peacock Pacific Landings this Fridays Feathered Friend.  

The Esquimalt Lagoon Migratory Bird Sanctuary is one of seven Migratory Bird Sanctuaries across British Columbia and is located on the Pacific Landing site.

If you are interested in vibrant community living where over 150 bird species are your neighbors, Pacific Landing is now selling 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo’s!  Register with us now to learn more about our unique project.

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