How To Get That Back To School Feeling (For Grown-Ups)

Back to School

Even if it’s been awhile since you last stepped foot inside a classroom, you can still tap into the back-to-school spirit by giving your home and routines a fresh start. Whether you choose to edit your wardrobe, treat yourself to new stationery or learn a new skill, consider this your second chance at a New Year: a clean slate, primed for new beginnings. Let’s get started.

Perk Up Your Coffee Station

back to school coffee machine

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Whether you prefer French press, pour over or espresso, having your favorite coffee-making supplies and a stash of the best beans close at hand means a great cup is never more than a few minutes away. Stock your coffee station with the necessities, your favorite mug and a travel cup for coffee on the go. And if you’ve been wishing for a new coffee setup, why not go ahead and treat yourself? Your bleary-eyed weekday morning self will thank you.

Put Entertaining On The Schedule

Entertaining guests

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Life gets busy and good intentions to get together can easily get pushed aside, making “maybe next week” slide into “wow, has it been a whole year?” before you know it. Getting together with close friends often tops our wish-we-did-more list. If that’s true for you, consider taking some time now to check in with your nearest and dearest and decide on a few dates to get together in the coming months. The best part about living in a community is that great friends are always nearby.

Explore Online Learning

Back to school learning

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Why should college kids get to have all the fun? Explore a passion, develop a side hustle or learn more about a subject you wish you had taken in school. From arts and crafts to entrepreneurship, if you come up with a subject, there’s probably an online class that covers it. Pacific Landing is just a 15 minute walk from Royal Roads University and offers an array of courses for students of all ages.

Make Some New #CookingGoals


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Curious about cooking with more whole grains or alternative sweeteners? Looking for slow-cooker recipes to make busy weeknights easier or wish you could start bringing homemade lunches to work? Whatever your cooking routine now looks like, if you want to make some changes, it helps to have specific, measurable goals (for example, try three new salads each week) and a plan for following through. Try designating a specific time during the week — Sunday afternoons, say — for planning the coming week’s cooking adventures. Residents at Pacific Landing have access to their own plot in our community garden so you can cook with your own vegetables you harvested just steps away from your home.

Learn A New Skill (Or Hone An Old One)

Learning a new hobby

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Whether it’s playing the piano, writing short stories or some other creative endeavor, if it’s something you love, make time for it this fall. Need a refresher course? Getting involved with a local workshop or group can be a great way to brush up on your skills and build community at the same time.

Community Living

Pacific Landing’s oceanfront community is purpose built to allow residents to live an active and engaged lifestyle. With direct access to over 500 acres of walking trails, the Esquimalt Lagoon and a community garden, there is lots to explore. You can bird watch from your home or around the site while living in the middle of a Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Take an online course at the neighboring university or meet with friends at the rooftop patio. Pacific Landing is perfect for folks who like to enjoy the outdoors in a beautifully scenic setting. Register today to discover your new waterfront community.

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