Havenwood History Series – Part 2: The Pendray Family

Welcome back Pacific Landing friends, family and followers. In our first installment of the Havenwood History Series we left off in 1927, the year Herbert and Charlotte Pendray completed their Mediterranean style villa. In today’s edition we are going to go back and take a look at the Pendray family, and what lead up to the purchase of Havenwood.

Herbert was the third son of William and Amelia Pendray. They resided in their prestigious 309 Belleville estate.

William was born in Cornwall, England in 1846. He travelled to North America in the 1860s, landing in San Francisco. Realizing that this was not where he was going to make his fortune, he made the move up the coast to Victoria, in search of gold. He found it. William became an owner of the Willow mine, which became one of the most profitable of the time.

William returned to England a wealthy young man, and met his love Amelia. Unfortunately his investments there did not prosper, and he returned to Victoria to make a life for himself. Buying an old soap factory was the beginning of his empire. He sent for Amelia and they were wed the day after she arrived. William went on to found the British American Paint Company (Bapco paint). These two local business brought great prosperity for the Pendray family.

Their great prosperity was intermixed with great tragedy however, and in 1908, the Pendrays eldest son Ernest was thrown from a carriage and trampled when the horse pulling him was spooked. This was a devastating blow for the Pendrays and dreadfully, it was not the last. 1913, brought another freak accident which claimed the life of William Pendray. After the patriarch’s death, Bapco paint was put in the hands of his second born Carl, and Herbert became the vice-president.

Herbert married Charlotte on the 28th of September, 1910 in the Metropolitan Methodist Church in     Victoria, with which they were very involved throughout both of their lives. Avid travellers, Herbert and Charlotte spent much of their time abroad. The large living room of their country estate at Havenwood was fashioned after their travels to California and the American Southwest. This inspiration is most noticeable in the stunning tile work that surrounds the room’s feature fireplace. A large tile centered just under the mantle depicts a small town that Charlotte and Herbert had come across in their travels.

Another unique feature that the Pendrays added to the property was their gardens. Much like their neighbour James Dunsmuir, who built Hatley Castle, Herbert and Charlotte designed an impressive expanse of green space, which included a pond, gardens and a hand crafted sundial. For more information about the sundial itself, check out this article by Waymarking.com.

Charlotte passed away in 1955 and Herbert was taken by heart problems the following year. Their family retained the Havenwood property until 1966 when they sold it to Blarney Properties Limited.

Tune back for the next installment of the Havenwood History Series, in which we will go in depth on the various uses of the Pendray House and Havenwood property after 1966. If you missed part one, check it out here!









Herbert and Charlotte picture: http://search-bcarchives.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/mr-and-mrs-herbert-pendray-aboard-ship

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