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This is the new Pacific Landing Blog!! Here we will share new information, pictures, videos, interviews and updates about the site and all of the different people and programs that are involved in our blooming community. Our goal is to keep you feeling informed and engaged!

For our first edition, lets go back. Not all they way back to the beginning, because that is a different story that in all honesty, started before most of our marketing team was born. Let’s go back to a couple years ago when the plan for Pacific Landing, as we now know it, was solidified and really started to get underway. Our project is the brainchild of developer and social entrepreneur Randy Royer. His vision was to create a community in which anything you could want to live a happy, healthy and engaged lifestyle was at your fingertips, leaving its residents wanting for nothing. That vision broke ground in the spring of 2016.


On the construction side of things we are currently in the finishing stages of Phase 1. Phase one is comprised of 3 buildings: Hatley Manor, Breton Place and Dunsmuir House. These buildings are home to 33 premium condominium suites, a yoga studio, cooking theater, workshop and rooftop terrace. It has spectacular views, is selling fast and will be complete this summer!  We are also very excited that Phase 2 is projected to break ground mid summer. Phase 2 is already being sold, and it will consist of 20 slightly larger residences, a gorgeous little coffee shop and studio space. There will be 6 phases in total – Phases 1 through 3 are residential, 4 will be the grocery store while Phase 5 will be the home to commercial space and the art gallery. Last but certainly not least is Phase 6, which will be our Hotel and Conference centre. The boutique hotel and conference centre will include a lovely restaurant / pub and wellness centre. (We might even have a spa for your furry little friends too! Stay tuned!!)

The Project

But less about the building and more about us. We are a pretty fun group, and we are truly dedicated to bringing all of the leading ideas and theories on healthy living to the forefront with our project. We are working with a healthy living expert, an environmental engineer and other specialists to ensure that we are able to offer the best environment we possibly can. Healthy living isn’t just diet and exercise, it is a combination of  many different factors that all combine to leave the individual as stress free and happy as possible. Our amenities will include features that target these different elements. Physically we have our yoga studio, fitness centre, swimming pool as well as access to an intricate system of walking / hiking trails. Creatively we offer our woodworking shop, art gallery & studio space. Food wise we have our cooking theater, community garden and will be incorporating a local grocery store into the village. We are also looking for ways to offer programs that will cater to our residents mental acuity and well being. All in all, healthy living is important to us but community is our number one and we want our residents to have all the opportunities to participate as much, or as little, in any activity they would like. In fact, the driving force behind many of the amenities we are creating is our residents. All of our owners have something to offer, whether that be a unique skill, broad or detailed knowledge base, or creative ideas. Our yoga studio, for example, was envisioned because one of our owners would like to teach classes. We want to facilitate learning from each other and our goal is to shape and tailor the community around our owners.

The Site

Pacific Landing is located at 3221 Heatherbell Rd. right on the Esquimalt Lagoon, adjacent to Royal Roads. Trust me when I say it is STUNNING here, and if you are one of those people that is going “pft, I’m not going to trust you, you’re probably paid to say that” then check out our pictures. Go ahead.

I’ll wait.

Esquimalt Lagoon at Sunrise.

One of our young visitors.

Pendray House in the Fall

Pendray House in the Fall



We are very lucky to be located on one of 7 Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in BC. It was established in 1931 and has over 83 different species of birds that can be seen throughout the year, this includes the Great Blue Heron which is currently under the Species at Risk Act. Yesterday we even had the pleasure of watching a Bald Eagle eating its lunch on our shore. Pacific Landing isn’t just for the birds though, we also have an abundant variety of land and marine life as well. In any given week you are likely to see otters playing in the Lagoon, deer grazing near the woods and even the occasionally bunny hop on by.

Well, I think that about wraps up an overview of the project, construction and site. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates! And if birds are your thing check out our Feathered Friend Fridays, in which every Friday we will post a new picture (taken on site) of one of our feathered residents. Available across all of our social media platforms.

For more information about the phases or if you have any questions about Pacific Landing please register here! 

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