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Hello PL family, friends and followers! Welcome back to our blog. In this week’s post we will be focusing on Healthy Living. Here at Pacific Landing we are committed to providing an environment for you to lead an active, engaged and healthy lifestyle. It is the cornerstone of our project, the very foundation on top of which our community is growing.

In today’s world, especially in North America, billions of dollars are spent on supposed health initiatives each year. Diet, supplements and gym memberships are the usual primary focus, but if you look at the statistics, and frankly if we are just honest with ourselves, these aren’t working. How often do we make the New Year’s resolution and buy the gym membership only to quit 3 months later? Or try to change our eating habits when it just doesn’t seem to stick?

Dan Buettner has worked with National Geographic for the past 10 years to locate and study Blue Zones. Blue Zones are locations around the world in which the average life expectancy of the people that live in those communities is higher than the rest of the world. So what are they doing so right that we are doing so wrong?

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Eating Habits:

  1. Plant based diet. This is not saying cut out meat. It is just pointing out that balance is key and our bodies run more efficiently without all the junk that we have so easily accessible to us.
  2. Not over eating. It is the best practice to stop eating when your stomach is 80% full.

Regular Physical Activity:

  1. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. It can be as simple as mixing a cake by hand, going for a daily walk, gardening. In Western society we live in a world of ease where everything is at our fingertips. Take that extra step and keep moving!

Social Constructs:

  1. Social bonds, friendships. Having a close group of people to support you in your life will go a long way. Humans are social creatures and our mental health is often affected by the people we surround ourselves with. It is extremely beneficial to have people who are there to laugh or cry with you.

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  1. A daily purpose. A reason to get out of bed every morning. Many of these Blue Zones do not have a word for retirement. People in these zones continue to work well into their elder years. It may not be the same type of work, but they have something that gives them purpose and keeps them active and engaged.

These are simple, low cost, low effort ingredients that when combined create the recipe for a healthy lifestyle. The biggest reason we don’t do these things, which seem so easy and intuitive is the environment we find ourselves in. At Pacific Landing, our goal is to create an environment that effortlessly allows for a Blue Zone lifestyle.

We believe these strategies fall into three main categories or pillars of healthy living: Active Engagement, Social Engagement and Healthy Behaviours. We are working with Dr.Theodore Cosco, a renowned scholar on healthy living, to build our new, blossoming community with these pillars at it’s core.

Check out Mr. Buettner’s Blue Zones website for more information about his research and if you get the chance, I highly recommend listening to his Ted Talks, which are also on the website. You can even take a 3 minute quiz and receive personalized strategies for how you can increase your life expectancy.

Stay tuned for more on the Pacific Landing community and how we’re building a Blue Zone environment in the coming months.

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