Pacific Landing Community Garden

Community Garden

Community gardens offer people and the community many benefits. They provide opportunities for both recreational gardening and food production, in underutilized spaces. Community gardens are also great for the environment. Food grown locally reduces green house gases produced by long distance transportation of food. Gardens also contribute to biodiversity of species and help to support populations of pollinators. Finally, community gardens bring people together to create and strengthen relationships throughout the community.

Our community garden has been greatly utilized since residents moved into the first phase in the fall of 2017. Members of the surrounding community as well as Pacific Landing residents take part in the community garden. “It’s a very organic environment,” says our on-site gardening expert Judy. “Everyone helps each other out like when people are away on holidays or are too busy to tend to the garden, other members are always happy to lend a hand with some extra watering or attention,” Judy adds.

Community Garden

The community garden operates all year round with tomatoes currently being cleaned up and squash still being harvested. “Last winter people were eating their freshly grown greens like kale and were growing lots of garlic as well. The garden has a wonderful location on the property receiving lots of sunlight which is great for growing hearty vegetables,” says Judy.

Gardening contributes to a healthy lifestyle. It provides safe, affordable herbs, fruits and vegetables. It helps to relieve stress by getting people active and improves overall health and wellness. Joining the Pacific Landing community garden gives you an opportunity to learn by sharing knowledge and experience with one another. Our on-site gardener, Judy, is always happy to share her expertise to anyone interested in becoming a master gardener. “The times where people come together informally to build relationships and grow the community is one of the things I really enjoy about our community garden”, says Judy.

Community Garden

Pacific Landing Oceanfront Community

Downsizing to a condo doesn’t mean you have to give up all the things you love about owning your own house. Pacific Landing is purpose built with amenities and services like the community garden to allow you to continue to enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities. Register with us today to learn how you can be a part of our vibrant waterfront community.

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