Healthy Living

Behind everything at Pacific Landing, is the goal to facilitate a happy and healthy life for our owners. Canadians today are living longer than ever before with an average life expectancy of 85 years old. But shockingly, our quality of life has not followed.

HALE (health-adjusted life expectancy) is a measurement that determines the number of years a person can expect to live in good health. Men’s HALE is 69 years old and women is 71. That means that on average, Canadians can expect to live roughly 10.5 years with difficult health. Although some factors that we cannot control do play a role, our HALE is often something that can be controlled through simple lifestyle changes.

BelleBrio has partnered with Dr. Theodore Cosco to better understand this. Dr. Cosco, a PHD graduate from Cambridge University, has dedicated his career to studying healthy ageing.

Through our partnership with Dr. Cosco, we have identified 3 Pillars of Healthy and Happy Living. And what we’ve found is the Pillars are pretty straightforward. What typically stops people from living by these pillars is their environment. So at Pacific Landing, we have purpose-built every thing – from the buildings to the services offered – to facilitate a lifestyle that abides by the 3 Pillars of Healthy and Happy Living.