Showing Tips For Selling Your Home

Showing Tips For Selling Your Home

The “For Sale” sign is up. You’ve completed the big projects and the little tweaks, so you’re hopeful your efforts will pay off with a quick and profitable offer. But now comes the most critical part of the home-selling cycle: the day of a showing or an open house. A negative first impression can directly translate into dollars off a full asking price. Before opening the door to potential buyers the day of a showing, here are a few tips to follow to ensure your home sells for the price you want.

Make sure your exterior is presentable

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Going the extra mile with your homes exterior appearance is important. Here are some tips for getting it in shape:

  • Make sure the grass is cut and raked with no extraneous debris.
  • Keep the driveway clean and passable. A beautiful seal coat always does wonders for those driveways that are showing their age.
  • Make sure the walkway is presentable – you might want to give it a good power wash.
  • The shrubs and plantings should not be overpowering – make sure there is a clear path around the home.
  • If you have got mold or mildew on the siding or deck have it washed.
  • Plant some seasonal flowers to add some color near your entry.
  • Your door and entryway need to sparkle. Buyers will really notice this area.

Make sure your home looks clean

Cleaning seems so obvious, and is inexpensive, but the lack of it is one of the biggest complaints agents hear. Hopefully, you’ve done the big scrub leading up to open-house day: carpets steamed, floors mopped, windows wiped, appliances scoured. But on the day of a showing, don’t overlook little details like crumbs on the table from breakfast, toothpaste remnants in sinks, half-full trash cans on display and dust bunnies in rooms you don’t frequent. Do a quick walk-through with a duster, reaching every visible surface.

Don’t skimp on heating or cooling

Homes are designed to provide shelter, a safe and welcoming space out of the elements. A desirable home is one that allows us to stay comfortable no matter what the weather is outside. Unfortunately, some sellers get so caught up in their frugal ways—keeping the thermostat at a certain level to save money—that they create an unpleasant environment for potential buyers.

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Brighten things up

Buyers are there to see the home, which means they need light. It is a good general rule to go through the house and turn on every light you can have. Even better than indoor lights is opening up the blinds and letting the sunshine in. However, if you have certain things you want to avoid showcasing, like an ugly fence out back, you can keep some curtains drawn.

Make sure you or your real estate agent have a feedback system

If you’ve followed through with these showing tips then undoubtedly people are going to a lovely property. From your perspective, you’ll probably want to know what their thinking. Do they like my home? Did they hate it? Is there something I can do to improve the showing experience? As a seller, you should expect your agent to provide feedback. A top agent will have a showing feedback system in place to let you know what buyers are thinking. Insist on it! Showing feedback should be part of a carefully crafted marketing plan to sell your home. When interviewing real estate agents pay particular attention to this.

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